How to Approach a Woman in a Bar


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Approach a Woman

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According to experts, a man makes a first impression with a woman within three minutes. To make a connection within these three minutes, a man must present himself as composed, confident, and well-groomed. The latter may be the most important, as research shows that an unkempt look is a leading turn-off for 63 percent of singles.

Confidence and an easy demeanor can help to put a woman at ease, which is an important goal for the man who is approaching her in a public place. Simple yet truthful statements such as “I saw you and just felt compelled to come say hello,” can make a man seem sure of himself, while simultaneously opening the situation up for more conversation.

If a man chooses this tactic, however, he should be ready to follow up. Having a question or two in mind can make this easier, provided that the questions are relatively light-hearted and simple. “What do you do?” for example, can be a weighted question and more intimidating than something like, “What are three unique things about you?” This can keep the conversation going and help the man to connect genuinely with the woman he is approaching.