Places to Meet New Women

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Pandora Box program

Vin DiCarlo, Inc., offers Pandora’s Box and other online tools to help men develop their interpersonal skill sets. Through these resources, Vin DiCarlo, Inc., assists men in making connections with women.

Before a man builds a relationship with a woman, he must meet her first. The bar scene is popular but can be too loud for a good conversation to develop. Furthermore, because men tend to outnumber women at bars, many less confident men can find it difficult to make a connection.

Coffee shops can be quieter and more relaxed, but many women go there to work. A woman may be more relaxed at a retail clothing store, particularly if you are able to set up the opportunity to ask a woman for her opinion.

Organized events can be even more promising, as they involve repeat interactions. Many people join co-ed sports teams, political campaigns, or volunteer groups largely for this purpose. These events also offer the added benefit of featuring a shared mutual interest from the initial meeting, thus making the first conversation easier.

In all, however, social gatherings may be the most promising option. A man stands a more than 200 percent better chance of meeting a potential romantic partner than in a public place, as the two people are more likely to have connections with like-minded people. Experts say that the best way to take advantage of this effect is to expand your network of casual social contacts, who can invite you to a party or networking event.