Personality-Based Flirting Techniques That Drive Results

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Dedicated to achieving practical results, Vin DiCarlo, Inc., offers a host of programs to help members achieve dating and sex-life goals, including Pandora’s Box. Setting aside recent claims that men and women are the same, Vin DiCarlo, Inc., claims that vast differences exist between the sexes, and that women in particular, may have one of eight different personality types.

As Vin DiCarlo puts it, getting inside of a woman’s head cannot happen without an understanding of these types. Unraveling an individual woman’s mystery requires a careful understanding of how women process the world and express preferences in social settings.

The Pandora’s Box program offers an in-depth roadmap to personality-based flirting and provides material that can efficiently boost a man’s self-confidence. Trainers have based this program on in-depth research in areas ranging from behavioral and evolutionary psychology to creating a 5,000-woman interview database. This ensures that members have a full arsenal of tools for unlocking the mind of women whom they hope to sleep with and create lasting relationships as well.