Three Signs You’re in the Friend Zone

Friend Zone pic

Friend Zone

Vin DiCarlo, whose previous efforts with women had proven fruitless to the point where he could barely work up the courage to say “hello” to someone he found attractive, established Vin DiCarlo, Inc., to help men understand the secrets behind female attraction. Vin DiCarlo, Inc.’s Pandora’s Box techniques ensure men enjoy more success with the opposite sex, and can help men escape the dreaded friend zone. Not sure if you’re in the friend zone? Here are some sure-fire signs.

1. She brings others along. So you have this big idea to take the girl of your dreams out and enjoy some time together, just the two of you. However, she invites others along, sometimes without even asking, assuming that you don’t mind.

2. You talk every day. Talking every day isn’t necessarily bad, but when she starts treating you as a confidante rather than a potential love interest you’re clearly considered just a friend.

3. There’s no flirtation. When sexual tension exists between two people, it usually gets expressed in some fashion. Even if the people involved haven’t actually gotten together, there’s often a lot of touching, flirting, and other signs of affection. If none of these things happen with the woman you’re interested in, it likely means she doesn’t view you as a potential partner.


Wooing a Woman through Projecting Masculinity

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Pandora Box program

Offering innovative resources such as the Pandora Box program, Vin DiCarlo Inc. helps men boost self-confidence and unleash their prowess in bed. One area of particular focus for many Vin DiCarlo Inc. members is in wooing women. This can seem extremely challenging to some, especially in situations where other men have the toolbox to simply start chatting and take the woman home to bed.

Consistently attracting women involves getting in touch with your “innate animal” and confidently projecting a masculinity that attracts. Instead of worrying about how to approach the woman, let her know that she is desired and respected, and that you are not overly concerned about the prospect of rejection.

Wooing a woman means indicating in physical and verbal ways your attraction, and being direct in situations where others curl up and hide. Share how the woman makes you feel in ways that take you beyond your comfort zone and convince her that you mean what you say and can fulfill her innate needs and desires.

Is She Really Playing Hard To Get Or Is She Just Not Interested?

first_time_out6731-475x229Sometimes you become interested in a girl and she becomes interested in you, and at a certain point you both know what is happening and you both kind of let it happen, acknowledging it the whole way, not skipping any steps but still moving together towards a relationship until one is formed. Other times, you become interested in a girl and her attitude towards you is much more frustrating, and you don’t know how to move from there. These times you might ask yourself, “Is she playing hard to get, or is she not interested at all?”

Determining the answer to this question can be difficult. On the surface, playing hard to get and truly being disinterested appear very similar, or in some cases, rather identical. In both cases she does not seem to care too much about seeing you or interacting with you, and she forces you to initiate most of your interactions or conversations with her.

There are two ways you can go about finding the answer to your question, “Is she playing hard to get, or not interested at all?” The first is to take the game she is playing and simply stop playing it. This is done by directly telling her your thoughts, feelings, and/or intentions, or being forward with her in asking her on a date, to a dance, etc. This can work well, as it basically forces her to choose between ceasing her games and acknowledging that she likes you, or acknowledging once and for all that she is not interested, thus answering your question.

The one downside to this approach is that she might still be interested, but too stubborn to admit that she was playing such a game, and therefore be unwilling to stop and say yes to your request. In this way there is a slight chance that by forcing her hand you take away an opportunity you might have had to keep playing her game and eventually get her.

The second way to answer your question is by playing the same game and giving her a dose of her own medicine. This is done through very little to no initiation of contact, short answers to texts, and while you should never be rude or dismissive, seeming like you don’t care one way or another whether you would ever date her or not. If she is truly not interested, chances are the two of you will slowly but surely stop contacting each other much, and eventually lose touch almost completely.

However, if she was playing hard to get, she will undoubtedly be miffed by your lack of attention towards her and effort into your relationship with her, and she’ll start to become much more forward in her contact with you. This method is probably the most effective. It’s only main setback is that you might realize one of the main reasons you were interested in this girl was because she was playing hard to get, and once you realize you can have her for sure she suddenly seems less appealing.

Does Playing Hard To Get Actually Work?

Attracting women is, in large part, a game that is played between the pursuer and the pursued, between one interested member and another. Playing hard to get is often thought of as a female trick, based largely on the fact that, for much of history, females truly were hard to get through means other than payment or marriage, and also because playing hard to get is often an effective way of gaining male attention and interest and eventually hooking up with or dating such men, while at the same time maintaining a reputation as not being “easy” – something seen as desirable for many women and certainly more desirable for women than men.

Furthermore, playing hard to get, for women, can make them more desirable simply based on the fact that they are being hard to get and are therefore setting themselves apart from other girls who might not seem as special. The answer to the question: “Does playing hard to get work for women?” would most likely be yes. A more interesting question, however, is “Does playing hard to get work on women?”

So what is the answer? Does playing hard to get work on women? In short, it can, but it might have a much lower chance of success coming from a man. Men tend to be viewed as easy, and playing hard to get on a woman is much more likely to make her think you are simply not interested at all. Furthermore, playing hard to get on a girl forces her to be the initiator and/or the more forward member in terms of getting you guys together, something that many more girls than guys are uncomfortable with.

However, as stated above, the answer to the question of “does playing hard to get work on women” is at least partially a yes. Playing hard to get, above all, helps solve the biggest problem men have in attracting women: seeming desperate and, as a result, not confident. When you pursue a girl very obviously it can be seen as a sign that you are needy and desperate, and this is never a helpful thing. When you play hard to get, you eliminate this problem by seeming, on the contrary, not desperate at all.

Another reason why playing hard to get works for women is because it makes you seem confident and at least somewhat mysterious and alluring. Playing hard to get naturally leads to the assumption that you are somehow worth putting effort into getting. This makes you seem very confident, as only someone who knew they could be successful getting girls in this manner would attempt to play such games. It also makes you seem mysterious and alluring, as the woman will not know why you’ve ascribed such value to yourself. Seeming this way, and seeming confident, are very attractive and can therefore help be successful in getting women.

I Want To Find True Love

relaxed_lovers2742-475x229Do you want to find that person who completes you? What does she need to have to make you a more complete person? In order to find true love, you want to find someone that is going to be your friend, lover, and a person who will help to make you a better person.

The yin to your yang…

When you are looking for true love, you want to find a person that complements who you are. For example, you may be a creative person who is great at expressing emotions, but may not be the best at keeping order and being disciplined.

Your ideal partner would be someone who is disciplined and structured, but lacks a sense of creativity. She may have lacked a bit of social skill, but you were able to complete her. Together as one, you would be perfect. Her organizational skills with your creativity combine to make the ideal couple.

Get yourself out there…

If you want to find true love, you can’t expect it to come knocking on your door. You need to get out there and date as many girls and have as many interactions with girls as you can. The more girls you interact with, the greater chance you have of finding that special someone.

If you want to find your ideal partner, it’s a great idea to write down what you believe are your core strengths. What are the things that you’re really good at? What are the things that you struggle with? Then, alongside that, you should take a note of what you find most attractive in a girl.

Active sex life…

Romance is fantastic, but an active sex life is also a strong feature of a happy relationship. If you can, give your girl multiple orgasms all night and make her want more. If you do, then you need to last longer in bed. There are a couple of key things that you can use if you want to really increase your ability in the bedroom. You want to have complete control. You want to last longer and you do not want to leave her disappointed because you came too early.

First of all, you should start to increase the amount of foreplay that you do together. Rather than just rushing through foreplay and going straight into the main event, take your time and really savor the foreplay element of sex.

Lasting longer…

A great way of lasting longer during sex is to put her on top. By putting her on top, it actually decreases your sensation so you can last a lot longer and she is left feeling more satisfied. Because the sensation is less for you, you can control those thoughts in your mind and eliminate them from distracting you and inhibiting your ability to perform in the bedroom.

Finally, I recommend practicing the Maxwell technique. The Maxwell technique is a great way to not only last longer but to enjoy multiple orgasms. You can find the Maxwell technique online, and it consists of a 30-minute video that explains how to last longer and achieve multiple orgasms while keep her fulfilled all night long.