Communication Differences Between Men and Women

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As a general rule, men and women do have different communication styles. Men typically approach conversation as a way of addressing a problem and finding a solution, whereas women tend to use language as a way of exploring their feelings and connecting with others.

This means that a man is more likely to approach a conversation with the goal of making a point efficiently. He will include less detail than a woman, who is more likely to still be exploring ideas as she speaks.

These differences can make communicating between the genders frustrating, unless both parties understand where the other is coming from. By understanding that a woman needs to talk out a problem, a man can stop himself from trying to present a solution before she is ready and instead try to understand her on an emotional level. Similarly, if a woman understands that a man prefers smaller problems that he can solve, she can break her points down into smaller pieces and ask him for his opinion when it would be helpful.