Consent and Helping Women Feel Safe

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Mutual consent is one of the most important elements in any healthy relationship. Consent means that a person freely agrees to any sexual activity and does so without coercion of any kind. If a person feels intimidated or threatened physically, emotionally, financially, or in any other way, that person cannot offer consent.

To help a woman feel that her consent is important and appreciated, a man should go into all sexual situations knowing that the woman needs to specifically consent to that particular event. Previous consent does not ensure present assent, even if a relationship is in place. A man must request consent and must receive a positive and unwavering response, as a lack of confidence to say “no” does not translate to “yes.”

Men do not have to feel awkward when asking for consent. Phrases like “Is this ok?” and “Do you want to keep going?” are possible even when the moment is becoming heated. That way, the man can be sure that the woman is okay with what is happening.

Finally, a man should also look out for whether the woman is under the influence of a substance and avoid asking for consent in those moments. Someone who is inebriated, or otherwise incapacitated, cannot fully agree to a sexual act. By respecting the vulnerability of a woman in such a situation, a man can communicate that he respects her overall well-being and is concerned with her comfort.

Preparing for a First Kiss

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First Kiss

Vin DiCarlo, Inc. works with men on a number of social and cultural topics, particularly those related to dating and positively interacting with women. Through, Vin DiCarlo, Inc. offers a number of services and products, including Pandora’s Box, the Attraction Code, and Relationship Rewind.

One of the most nerve wracking aspects of any first date is the idea of sharing a first kiss. A romantic, mutually agreed upon kiss can represent the start of a long, meaningful relationship, while a premature attempt at a first kiss might spoil an otherwise enjoyable evening. While there is no surefire way to determine whether or not a date is interested in taking the next step, there are a few things to keep an eye out for.

There are several physical gestures that may indicate a kiss is in the cards. Physical proximity is one of the most obvious signs, as a date ready for the first kiss will have no issue sitting close or making physical contact, and may even lean into a conversation in order to make their intentions clear.

The way in which two people communicate over the course of the date can also be indicative of whether or not the time for a first kiss has come. The moments and even hours leading up to a first kiss involve numerous emotions, many of which can be described as giddy or elated. With this in mind, the most innocuous anecdotes may elicit frequent laughter from a date who is invested in the conversation, the date, and moving forward. Similarly, an individual might begin to let their date do most of the talking while they engage in some of the aforementioned physical behavior.