Does Playing Hard To Get Actually Work?

Attracting women is, in large part, a game that is played between the pursuer and the pursued, between one interested member and another. Playing hard to get is often thought of as a female trick, based largely on the fact that, for much of history, females truly were hard to get through means other than payment or marriage, and also because playing hard to get is often an effective way of gaining male attention and interest and eventually hooking up with or dating such men, while at the same time maintaining a reputation as not being “easy” – something seen as desirable for many women and certainly more desirable for women than men.

Furthermore, playing hard to get, for women, can make them more desirable simply based on the fact that they are being hard to get and are therefore setting themselves apart from other girls who might not seem as special. The answer to the question: “Does playing hard to get work for women?” would most likely be yes. A more interesting question, however, is “Does playing hard to get work on women?”

So what is the answer? Does playing hard to get work on women? In short, it can, but it might have a much lower chance of success coming from a man. Men tend to be viewed as easy, and playing hard to get on a woman is much more likely to make her think you are simply not interested at all. Furthermore, playing hard to get on a girl forces her to be the initiator and/or the more forward member in terms of getting you guys together, something that many more girls than guys are uncomfortable with.

However, as stated above, the answer to the question of “does playing hard to get work on women” is at least partially a yes. Playing hard to get, above all, helps solve the biggest problem men have in attracting women: seeming desperate and, as a result, not confident. When you pursue a girl very obviously it can be seen as a sign that you are needy and desperate, and this is never a helpful thing. When you play hard to get, you eliminate this problem by seeming, on the contrary, not desperate at all.

Another reason why playing hard to get works for women is because it makes you seem confident and at least somewhat mysterious and alluring. Playing hard to get naturally leads to the assumption that you are somehow worth putting effort into getting. This makes you seem very confident, as only someone who knew they could be successful getting girls in this manner would attempt to play such games. It also makes you seem mysterious and alluring, as the woman will not know why you’ve ascribed such value to yourself. Seeming this way, and seeming confident, are very attractive and can therefore help be successful in getting women.