Places to Meet New Women

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Pandora Box program

Vin DiCarlo, Inc., offers Pandora’s Box and other online tools to help men develop their interpersonal skill sets. Through these resources, Vin DiCarlo, Inc., assists men in making connections with women.

Before a man builds a relationship with a woman, he must meet her first. The bar scene is popular but can be too loud for a good conversation to develop. Furthermore, because men tend to outnumber women at bars, many less confident men can find it difficult to make a connection.

Coffee shops can be quieter and more relaxed, but many women go there to work. A woman may be more relaxed at a retail clothing store, particularly if you are able to set up the opportunity to ask a woman for her opinion.

Organized events can be even more promising, as they involve repeat interactions. Many people join co-ed sports teams, political campaigns, or volunteer groups largely for this purpose. These events also offer the added benefit of featuring a shared mutual interest from the initial meeting, thus making the first conversation easier.

In all, however, social gatherings may be the most promising option. A man stands a more than 200 percent better chance of meeting a potential romantic partner than in a public place, as the two people are more likely to have connections with like-minded people. Experts say that the best way to take advantage of this effect is to expand your network of casual social contacts, who can invite you to a party or networking event.

How to Approach a Woman in a Bar


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Approach a Woman

Vin DiCarlo, Inc., offers relationship and dating support in an online format. To help men effectively communicate with women in social settings and relationships, Vin DiCarlo, Inc., provides tools such as Pandora’s Box.

According to experts, a man makes a first impression with a woman within three minutes. To make a connection within these three minutes, a man must present himself as composed, confident, and well-groomed. The latter may be the most important, as research shows that an unkempt look is a leading turn-off for 63 percent of singles.

Confidence and an easy demeanor can help to put a woman at ease, which is an important goal for the man who is approaching her in a public place. Simple yet truthful statements such as “I saw you and just felt compelled to come say hello,” can make a man seem sure of himself, while simultaneously opening the situation up for more conversation.

If a man chooses this tactic, however, he should be ready to follow up. Having a question or two in mind can make this easier, provided that the questions are relatively light-hearted and simple. “What do you do?” for example, can be a weighted question and more intimidating than something like, “What are three unique things about you?” This can keep the conversation going and help the man to connect genuinely with the woman he is approaching.

Communication Differences Between Men and Women

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In helping men to develop conversation and dating skills, Vin DiCarlo, Inc. encourages more successful relationships. Vin DiCarlo, Inc. offers Pandora’s Box, a communication skills tool, to help men better understand how to connect with women.

As a general rule, men and women do have different communication styles. Men typically approach conversation as a way of addressing a problem and finding a solution, whereas women tend to use language as a way of exploring their feelings and connecting with others.

This means that a man is more likely to approach a conversation with the goal of making a point efficiently. He will include less detail than a woman, who is more likely to still be exploring ideas as she speaks.

These differences can make communicating between the genders frustrating, unless both parties understand where the other is coming from. By understanding that a woman needs to talk out a problem, a man can stop himself from trying to present a solution before she is ready and instead try to understand her on an emotional level. Similarly, if a woman understands that a man prefers smaller problems that he can solve, she can break her points down into smaller pieces and ask him for his opinion when it would be helpful.

Consent and Helping Women Feel Safe

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Mutual consent is one of the most important elements in any healthy relationship. Consent means that a person freely agrees to any sexual activity and does so without coercion of any kind. If a person feels intimidated or threatened physically, emotionally, financially, or in any other way, that person cannot offer consent.

To help a woman feel that her consent is important and appreciated, a man should go into all sexual situations knowing that the woman needs to specifically consent to that particular event. Previous consent does not ensure present assent, even if a relationship is in place. A man must request consent and must receive a positive and unwavering response, as a lack of confidence to say “no” does not translate to “yes.”

Men do not have to feel awkward when asking for consent. Phrases like “Is this ok?” and “Do you want to keep going?” are possible even when the moment is becoming heated. That way, the man can be sure that the woman is okay with what is happening.

Finally, a man should also look out for whether the woman is under the influence of a substance and avoid asking for consent in those moments. Someone who is inebriated, or otherwise incapacitated, cannot fully agree to a sexual act. By respecting the vulnerability of a woman in such a situation, a man can communicate that he respects her overall well-being and is concerned with her comfort.

Preparing for a First Kiss

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First Kiss

Vin DiCarlo, Inc. works with men on a number of social and cultural topics, particularly those related to dating and positively interacting with women. Through, Vin DiCarlo, Inc. offers a number of services and products, including Pandora’s Box, the Attraction Code, and Relationship Rewind.

One of the most nerve wracking aspects of any first date is the idea of sharing a first kiss. A romantic, mutually agreed upon kiss can represent the start of a long, meaningful relationship, while a premature attempt at a first kiss might spoil an otherwise enjoyable evening. While there is no surefire way to determine whether or not a date is interested in taking the next step, there are a few things to keep an eye out for.

There are several physical gestures that may indicate a kiss is in the cards. Physical proximity is one of the most obvious signs, as a date ready for the first kiss will have no issue sitting close or making physical contact, and may even lean into a conversation in order to make their intentions clear.

The way in which two people communicate over the course of the date can also be indicative of whether or not the time for a first kiss has come. The moments and even hours leading up to a first kiss involve numerous emotions, many of which can be described as giddy or elated. With this in mind, the most innocuous anecdotes may elicit frequent laughter from a date who is invested in the conversation, the date, and moving forward. Similarly, an individual might begin to let their date do most of the talking while they engage in some of the aforementioned physical behavior.

Personality-Based Flirting Techniques That Drive Results

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Dedicated to achieving practical results, Vin DiCarlo, Inc., offers a host of programs to help members achieve dating and sex-life goals, including Pandora’s Box. Setting aside recent claims that men and women are the same, Vin DiCarlo, Inc., claims that vast differences exist between the sexes, and that women in particular, may have one of eight different personality types.

As Vin DiCarlo puts it, getting inside of a woman’s head cannot happen without an understanding of these types. Unraveling an individual woman’s mystery requires a careful understanding of how women process the world and express preferences in social settings.

The Pandora’s Box program offers an in-depth roadmap to personality-based flirting and provides material that can efficiently boost a man’s self-confidence. Trainers have based this program on in-depth research in areas ranging from behavioral and evolutionary psychology to creating a 5,000-woman interview database. This ensures that members have a full arsenal of tools for unlocking the mind of women whom they hope to sleep with and create lasting relationships as well.

Planning a Successful First Date

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Pandora Box program

With proven techniques for relationship success, Vin DiCarlo, Inc., helps men find romantic partners and avoid common missteps. Through the exclusive Vin DiCarlo, Inc., Pandora’s Box program, members learn how to enhance their masculinity and boost assertiveness in ways that enable them to reach their goals with women.

A successful first date with a woman requires a combination of confidence and perseverance, as well as an investment in planning. This does not mean that the date has to be expensive – ideas for successful dates include taking your partner out for a romantic al fresco repast. Consider a picnic in a scenic location, a relaxing spot to share food and a bottle of wine.

Another idea is to put a spin on the classic movie date by choosing a weekend when summer movies are being shown outdoors in the neighborhood. A movie offers the ideal environment to bond over shared entertainment, while a festive outdoor setting breaks the tension. Another option is a home-cooked meal. If you have the skills, consider inviting your date over for a meal you prepare yourself. Nothing impresses like a man who knows his way around the kitchen.

Three Signs You’re in the Friend Zone

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Friend Zone

Vin DiCarlo, whose previous efforts with women had proven fruitless to the point where he could barely work up the courage to say “hello” to someone he found attractive, established Vin DiCarlo, Inc., to help men understand the secrets behind female attraction. Vin DiCarlo, Inc.’s Pandora’s Box techniques ensure men enjoy more success with the opposite sex, and can help men escape the dreaded friend zone. Not sure if you’re in the friend zone? Here are some sure-fire signs.

1. She brings others along. So you have this big idea to take the girl of your dreams out and enjoy some time together, just the two of you. However, she invites others along, sometimes without even asking, assuming that you don’t mind.

2. You talk every day. Talking every day isn’t necessarily bad, but when she starts treating you as a confidante rather than a potential love interest you’re clearly considered just a friend.

3. There’s no flirtation. When sexual tension exists between two people, it usually gets expressed in some fashion. Even if the people involved haven’t actually gotten together, there’s often a lot of touching, flirting, and other signs of affection. If none of these things happen with the woman you’re interested in, it likely means she doesn’t view you as a potential partner.

Wooing a Woman through Projecting Masculinity

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Pandora Box program

Offering innovative resources such as the Pandora Box program, Vin DiCarlo Inc. helps men boost self-confidence and unleash their prowess in bed. One area of particular focus for many Vin DiCarlo Inc. members is in wooing women. This can seem extremely challenging to some, especially in situations where other men have the toolbox to simply start chatting and take the woman home to bed.

Consistently attracting women involves getting in touch with your “innate animal” and confidently projecting a masculinity that attracts. Instead of worrying about how to approach the woman, let her know that she is desired and respected, and that you are not overly concerned about the prospect of rejection.

Wooing a woman means indicating in physical and verbal ways your attraction, and being direct in situations where others curl up and hide. Share how the woman makes you feel in ways that take you beyond your comfort zone and convince her that you mean what you say and can fulfill her innate needs and desires.

Is She Really Playing Hard To Get Or Is She Just Not Interested?

first_time_out6731-475x229Sometimes you become interested in a girl and she becomes interested in you, and at a certain point you both know what is happening and you both kind of let it happen, acknowledging it the whole way, not skipping any steps but still moving together towards a relationship until one is formed. Other times, you become interested in a girl and her attitude towards you is much more frustrating, and you don’t know how to move from there. These times you might ask yourself, “Is she playing hard to get, or is she not interested at all?”

Determining the answer to this question can be difficult. On the surface, playing hard to get and truly being disinterested appear very similar, or in some cases, rather identical. In both cases she does not seem to care too much about seeing you or interacting with you, and she forces you to initiate most of your interactions or conversations with her.

There are two ways you can go about finding the answer to your question, “Is she playing hard to get, or not interested at all?” The first is to take the game she is playing and simply stop playing it. This is done by directly telling her your thoughts, feelings, and/or intentions, or being forward with her in asking her on a date, to a dance, etc. This can work well, as it basically forces her to choose between ceasing her games and acknowledging that she likes you, or acknowledging once and for all that she is not interested, thus answering your question.

The one downside to this approach is that she might still be interested, but too stubborn to admit that she was playing such a game, and therefore be unwilling to stop and say yes to your request. In this way there is a slight chance that by forcing her hand you take away an opportunity you might have had to keep playing her game and eventually get her.

The second way to answer your question is by playing the same game and giving her a dose of her own medicine. This is done through very little to no initiation of contact, short answers to texts, and while you should never be rude or dismissive, seeming like you don’t care one way or another whether you would ever date her or not. If she is truly not interested, chances are the two of you will slowly but surely stop contacting each other much, and eventually lose touch almost completely.

However, if she was playing hard to get, she will undoubtedly be miffed by your lack of attention towards her and effort into your relationship with her, and she’ll start to become much more forward in her contact with you. This method is probably the most effective. It’s only main setback is that you might realize one of the main reasons you were interested in this girl was because she was playing hard to get, and once you realize you can have her for sure she suddenly seems less appealing.